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4 Dec 2017


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Make Your Mark Ballot UK

Pupils at South Cumbria PRU have recently taken part in the Make Your Mark Ballot UK, the UK’s largest youth consultation. Matters voted for by the young people will be discussed in parliament in March 2018.


UK Youth Parliament Election 2017/2018   

The UK Youth Parliament is a national forum of 300 young people from across the UK; which gives young people a national voice. With the support of the government and opposition parties, the UK Youth Parliament runs national campaigns to improve the lives of young people across the Country. 

Cumbria County Council has three MYP (Member of Youth Parliament) seats available for UK Youth Parliament and three Deputy MYP posts.  

The UKYP Elections are part of Cumbria’s current youth democracy structure which includes; 6 Area based Youth Councils, a County Youth Council known as the Cumbria Young Speakers, and ‘Youthforia’ which is the Regional Youth Council made up of representatives from across the North West. 

Each Member of Youth Parliament and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament is a member of their local Youth Council or a Youth Council Ambassador.       


Cumbria UKYP Elections 2017/2018  

Pupils from the Unit will be involved in the 2017/2018 Cumbria UKYP Elections.  The UK Youth Parliament Elections will be held through an online ballot with a flexible voting period between 26th February and 14th March 2018. Each student will be allocated a ballot card with a unique code which will enable them to cast their vote.  The results will be announced in Kendal on Friday 16th March 2018.