In Art lessons here at the PRS we cover as many types of artwork as possible from traditional techniques such as drawing, printing and painting to sculpture, 3D models and computer generated artwork. 3D models seem to be a speciality of the PRS and this is clear on entry into the Art room! The Art room is full of pupils work and it usually doesn’t take too long for new-comers to feel at home in this environment and look forward to lessons.

Pupils doing Art in year 9 are entered for the Entry Level Certificate Qualification (ELC). This is a qualification run by the exam board OCR and runs along the same lines as a GCSE, but not with such high expectations. This is why it works well for younger pupils and those who join us late in KS4. The exam board regularly comments positively on the work produced by the pupils and have used examples of the work on more than one occasion for training purposes.

In Year 10 and 11, pupils are entered for the GCSE Art & Design Qualification. This is run by the exam board AQA and although it can put some pressure on pupils to finish and refine work, it enables them to produce a strong portfolio of work which they are often proud of. The AQA exam board also regularly gives positive feedback for the range and quality of the work produced.

Year on year success in both these qualifications make Art not only a personal and enjoyable subject, but also a valuable one with regard to gaining accreditation.

We base ideas and starting points on the interests of the pupils and basically take it from there. This approach, more often than not, can lead the pupils to successful outcomes and most importantly, work they can be proud of. Pupils are generally relaxed in their lessons and enjoy the praise and satisfaction of producing quality work. We explore the work of a variety of artists from British and International cultures and use these studies to influence and discuss the work we create. For GCSE and Entry Level qualifications, students are encouraged to make their projects even more personal, by incorporating interests, future careers, passions and ideas in to their work.

Art is an excellent vehicle for self-expression and confidence building. We encourage all students to represent their views and opinions in a striking visual way.