Physical Education

Physical Education

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Physical Education at South Cumbria PRU enables pupils to participate in a range of both team and individual sports. The nature of the curriculum and student numbers enable a bespoke approach to learning with greater emphasis on individual skills development. Students are encouraged to participate fully in lessons and are supported with provision of kit and 1:1 individually delivered lessons if students struggle to participate in the main group. We aim to be inclusive of all students.

Through the key stages they get the opportunity to participate in both team and individual activities with a strong emphasis on personal fitness benefits and the values of participation. Students get the opportunity to experience basketball, football, table tennis and this is complemented in the Summer term by cricket, tennis and short tennis.

Participation and effort is tracked within the department and displayed as a reward incentive for students to observe. Students can also observe their achievements throughout the year in the key activities of football, table tennis, basketball, cricket, tennis and short tennis and the students ability in the gym to understand warm ups with displayed tracking grades on the PE office wall. These are also used to report on progress and achievement to parents and demonstrate progress where appropriate.

Emphasis in PE is on cooperation and team building as well as developing personal self – esteem and individual skills and techniques. We support and promote British values.

Throughout the delivery of Physical Education there is a promotion of healthy living and encouragement to lead a healthy lifestyle. Awareness of the benefits of healthy living are delivered through a health related exercise programme and cross curricular links especially to Science and PSHCE. Knowledge to follow this externally is supported by the excellent Life fitness gym equipment that can also be found in many local gyms.

Physical Education accreditation is delivered in a bespoke manner to students in a 1:1 setting with students able to complete AIM awards in Health and Fitness (E3), Taking Part in Sport (L1) and with the addition of staff we are currently able to offer one to one lessons allowing students to use local leisure facilities and partake in, for example, games of badminton.

Bespoke fitness programmes are allowing individual students the opportunity to experience personal training in an external environment and therefore transferring learned skills from school in an external environment.

The centre now also accesses the services of the Evolve Sports Academy, which offers students the chance to gain qualifications in Sport and Functional Skills. Alongside delivering academic qualifications, Evolve have a specific focus on developing young people with fundamental life skills.