The Science Department provides a relevant and engaging syllabus which aims to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of facts and ideas in Science and to develop their practical and investigative skills.

Learning activities includes direct teaching, practical and investigative study, games and interactive study, fieldwork and outdoor learning.

The Key Stage 3 programmes of study cover a breadth of topics in line with National Curricululm specifications and has a balance of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The teaching allows students to consolidate their knowledge and understanding to allow them to progress to more complex study. Students will also develop an extended specialist vocabulary and be able to express themselves in good English. They should also apply their mathematical knowledge to their understanding of science, to include collecting, presenting and analysing data. Science at Key Stage 3 develops a deeper understanding of a range of scientific ideas in the subject disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. The focus of study in Year 9 will be to attain the Entry Level Certificate in Science. The syllabus at K.S.3 will also help prepare students for their G.C.S.E. studies at K.S.4 and for a return to mainstream school.

At KS4, students have the opportunity to study for their G.C.S.E.’s in Biology and Physics following the AQA syllabus.
Year 9 students will begin studying for the G.C.S.E. in Biology during the Summer Term, after the Entry Level Certificate has been completed and has been sent for moderation. The students will continue to study the G.C.S.E. Biology through Year 10 and will sit the G.C.S.E. Biology examination during the Summer Term.
Year 10 Students will begin their studies in G.C.S.E. Physics during the Summer Term after the G.C.S.E. Biology exams have been completed.