Pupils – Revision

Past Papers

You may find it useful to access previous exam papers to revise with. You can obtain these from the following websites, depending on the spec you are following:

AQA Past Papers

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Find past papers and mark schemes for your exams, and specimen papers

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Materials from past exam series and practice materials

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Instant access to a large library of past exam papers

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It is perfectly understandable to be feeling a little stressed during this time.

If you are feeling periods of stress at all, please talk to your subject teacher, school councillor, family members, or support network to help you. 

Exam Stress Poster – AQA

Some handy websites you can also visit for further tips and techniques to guide you through this time:

Gov.UK Exam Pressure Guide


Youngminds How to deal with Exam stress

Free webinar for students on Exam Stress from Eedi

Exam Stress: Tips and techniques for keeping last-minute nerves at bay and performing at your best!

In this session, Rachel will discuss do’s and don’ts for last minute revision, tips for keeping your cool during the exam and ways to kickstart your motivation in this final stretch.

This is a recorded seminar from the summer 2022 exam series and can be accessed here:  https://eedi.com/blog/exam-stress


Parents and Carers – Support your child sitting Exams – Webinars available from Kooth for Aprill 2024:

Kooth Webinars


There is a large number of revision resources online, websites and mobile apps, which are available to help you with your exam preparation.

The following are some you can access:


Practical advice on how to get started and keep going

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Bubbl. us

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WJEC Question Bank

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Eduqas Gear up for Exams

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Lastly we would like to thank all our students for their hard work and wish everyone GOOD LUCK with their exams!