Saskia (2015-2016)

“After leaving HHTS, I went on to study Art and Design at college, and I am now studying an online Psychology and Criminology degree while working as a self-employed cleaner. My time at HHTS helped me regain my interest in education, provided me with useful self-study skills, and taught me that it is okay to follow an unconventional path in order to reach your goals.

I am deeply grateful for HHTS for providing a safe, caring and considerate environment which balanced personal wellbeing with education. HHTS helped me get back on track and taught me that it is okay to prioritise your mental health and that you can do so while also moving forward in life.”

Joseph (2015-2016)

“Joseph passed three of the four GCSE he sat with HHTS and went on to Barrow Sixth form for A levels. Illness meant that he had to start the course three times but did pass GCSE English. Covid meant that he did not sit A levels but was awarded a B in Maths and Distinction in Sports. Since then, he has gone on to study Sport and Exercise Science at UCLan, graduating this year with first class honours. He is planning to continue his studies with a MSc this year and hopes to continue with research in the future.”

Macie (2016-2018)

“I started HHTS in year 9 after finding the pressures of mainstream school extremely difficult to deal with. I attended HHTS for the remaining of my school years and sat my GSCES there. If I didn’t have the opportunity to attend HHTS I wouldn’t have been able to sit my exams, never mind pass them but with the support of both Peter and Caroline throughout the years it was achievable and gave me the confidence to go into the outside world. When leaving school, I completed an apprenticeship in business admin and also did my level 2 IT qualification.

A year on I started in BAE systems contracting through MORSONS where I was then offered a position as a permanent employee, I have since had three promotions to now being a Senior Material Controller. I can’t express enough how much me having the ability to go on to achieve these things is down to the support I received from this school, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without it and will forever be thankful for Peter and Caroline’s constant support during some of the toughest years of my life.”

Abbie (2016-2019)

“The support of HHTS was crucial in building Abbie’s confidence and self-belief, helping her to gain six GCSEs. From this solid foundation, she went on to Barrow Sixth Form College where she made a number of good friends and attained a Distinction* City & Guilds Technical Certificate in Animal Management, becoming the top student in her year.

Abbie received an unconditional offer from Myerscough College near Preston to study for a degree in animal management, but the practical experience gained on the course and her love of looking after her own pony led her to choose a career in livestock agriculture.

She now has a kind and caring boyfriend, has passed her driving test, enjoys her full-time job and does extra milking sessions at weekends for a local farmer.

We will always be grateful for the kindness, understanding and support given by all at HTTS but especially by Peter and Caroline. We wish that all young people who struggle like Abbie in mainstream education could have the opportunity to attend HHTS.”

Mitch (2015-2020)

“Following my time at HHTS, I pursued the study of music at Kendal College for two years, finishing with an Extended Diploma. I have since been studying Songwriting at BIMM Institute in Manchester and I have recently completed my first year of study. 

My time at HHTS helped massively, with my academic progress, social development and self- confidence, which I attribute to the high quality of teaching and the safe and caring environment that they provide. I would recommend them highly.”

Megan (2017-2019)

“After my time at HHTS I began study at Kendal College on a BTEC Health and Social Care course. Thanks to the support and guidance from everyone who is part of the HHTS team I was able to step up and successfully transition back into full time education and achieve top grades at D*D*D*. Following this, I accepted an offer from one of the top 10 Universities, Lancaster, where I am currently in my final year, and on track to graduate with a first-class Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Criminology and Law. Without the help and encouragement from HHTS at a time when it was most needed, these opportunities would have never seemed possible.”

Amelia (2018-2021)

“Hi I’m Amelia, I went to HHTS in 2018 to 2021 I was struggling in mainstream school with my mental health and was brought to my attention with health care professionals about HHTS, it was a smaller school which I could cope with to help with my learning needs and mental health, me and my family were apprehensive at first because we had never heard anything about this school but soon realised HHTS was the best thing for me and helped me gain confidence. 

Since leaving HHTS I was able to go to Channelside college to study health and social, I felt comfortable being in a normal sized classroom and made new friends with people who have the same interests as me.

In the future I am looking at doing an open university course with looking at being a mental health therapist as I feel I have a lot of experience to help others going through the same.

I am glad I went to HHTS and feel like I wouldn’t be in the place I am today if I didn’t.” 

Alice (2015 - 2016)

“After HHTS, where I managed to pass my GCSE subjects I went straight onto studying my a – levels at Barrow Sixth Form College: Dance (A*), Health and Social Care (A) and Psychology (B). Next, I auditioned for a ballet school and started training for my BA Hons in Dance. When I first started going to HHTS I was very unwell, both physically and mentally. I was under the care of CAMHS and would have frequent admissions to hospital for treatment. I had been out of school for months and was terrified of leaving the house. However… with the help of Peter, Caroline, Ian and the HHTS team I was able to get back into education, socialise and within time I was excited to go into school!

I had a few months away from HHTS when I had to go into a specialised hospital in Manchester, during treatment I was able to have ‘home leave’. On this leave one thing I was so keen to do was to attend HHTS which they catered for.

HHTS allowed me to continue to study in an environment that I needed at the time when being unwell. I have never met such genuine, kind and helpful teachers and supporters in education before – they truly go above and beyond to help you get to the next stage of your life and suceed! They are incredibly supportive and I cannot thank them enough for everything they have helped me with. I could not have returned back to normal life without their help and support. No ask is too big – no DREAM of what you want to do is too big! You WILL get there!”