The Mathematics Department at Newbridge House aims to develop each student to their full potential. We provide challenging, varied and interesting lessons so that the pupils enjoy their work, often using games, IT resources and practical activities.

An emphasis is placed on identifying any gaps that pupils may have in their mathematical understanding and supporting pupils to overcome these difficulties, especially problems that may arise with number skills. Pupils are also helped to apply their skills to everyday life through problem solving activities and as far as possible the full range of topics are explored. In Key Stage 4 we offer a number of academic qualifications with students encouraged to achieve a GCSE qualification. We also offer Entry Level courses where appropriate.

At key stages 3 and 4 lessons are taught by qualified and experienced maths teachers and at key stage 2 by specialist primary staff. Pupils have three lessons per week on their timetable across key stages 3 and 4. At key stage 2 maths is timetabled daily.