Creative Arts

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts is offered to pupils across the Key Stages on an optional 1 to 1 basis. Subjects available include Music and Film Making. Other artistic avenues such as Dance can be supported for those with a keen personal interest.

AIMS Award Music learners will develop their skills in solo performances, ensemble performance, composing music and lyrics, live sound, recording with a virtual mixing desk and leading a performance workshop.

AIMS Award Film Makers will develop a digital piece of media of personal performance or stimuli curation and produce a short film. These films can be Top 5’s, How to Guides, Dramas or Reportage Documentary.

The subject is also supported by the Cumbria Music Service with visiting tuition from drum and brass instrument specialists.

The subject area is leading the Artsmark Award application supported by the Foundation SLT team and is always looking for opportunities to work with outside agencies and groups such as Signal Films and to visit events that support expanding the pupil’s cultural awareness at local institutions such as the Dock Museum.

The subject has also been key to the school being awarded Music Mark status for 2022/2023.

The curriculum prepares pupils for a career in the creative industries and acts as a pathway to further education in a wide selection of creative subjects. It offers a wide range of AIMS Award courses that can be combined to develop into a broad and balanced qualification.

Learners will explore a range of different job types that exist within the creative sector. They will explore what is required in these jobs and how people are employed in them. Pupils will then go on to learn in depth about the different skills needed to work in the creative sector ranging from the soft skill base required by all to job specific creative skills. Pupils who show a depth of natural creativity are encouraged to follow their chosen subject into an exciting future career.