Meet the Management Committee

Meet the Committee

Mr Wilkinson
Management Committee - Chair of Committee

Stephen Wilkinson, Chief Executive of The Queen Katherine School Multi Academy Trust in Kendal. He has been a member of the Management Committee for 15 years formally representing the South Lakes Federation of Schools. He was also a member of the Kendal Collaborative Partnership a Limited Company set up by two secondary schools in Kendal and 13 feeder primary schools. Stephen has a particular interest in inclusion. Sandgate School is co-located on the campus of The Queen Katherine School which also has a reputation for its multi-agency support. Stephen is also involved in the development of System Leadership and is a member of the Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders (CASL) and our more local South Local Alliance of System Leaders (LASL). He is currently Chair of the Emotional Resilience and Mental Health Partnership for Cumbria.

Mr Jefferson
Management Committee - Vice Chair of Committee
Mrs Willis
Management Committee - LA Member

Janet is a LA appointee, has been a member of CCC Corporate Parenting Board, and used to undertake Regulation 33 visits at a Children’s Home.

Miss Balderstone
Management Committee - Ex-officio member

Mrs Balderstone started her headship with the PRU in September 2013. Previously Mrs Balderstone worked in a Barrow secondary school for 13 years before becoming Head of the West Cumbria PRU in 2009. Mrs Balderstone has been a member of the Management Committee since September 2013.

Mrs Carter
Management Committee - Community Member

Student Services Manager at Furness College since 2015 and qualified as Careers Leader in 2018. Previously worked for 26 years as a Careers Adviser and Area Manager for Inspira (formerly Connexions, Careers Service). Skills and experience within all of these roles lends itself to being an effective Management Committee member. Mrs Carter has supported PRS students whilst working in all of her roles, and is passionate about young people receiving the best teaching and support available to overcome their personal circumstances, and subsequently achieve success in their lives. “I am always impressed by the level of commitment all PRS staff display, and if I can help in any way to support the Head Teacher and her team I am delighted to do so. I am a strong believer in partnership working and I sit on a number of internal and external groups. This membership allows me to consider overall strategies and whether there are any opportunities to support the PRS”.

Mr Richardson
Management Committee - Community Member

I have been Headteacher at Walney School since January 2014 having previously held Senior Leadership responsibility at Dowdales School.

With a long standing service to secondary students across Furness, I have a desire to ensure the best possible appropriate education for all students. My experience as a local Headteacher recognises the invaluable work of South Cumbria PRU to our education system and I want to be able to support the development of the necessary capacity for young people.

Ms Campbell
Management Committee - Community Member

Ms Campbell has been the Headteacher of Settlebeck School since 2017 and has extensive experience of the education sector and school leadership. Chair of the South Lakes Federation from Sept 2023.
‘The team at the PRS are highly skilled professionals who work with our most vulnerable children and I am delighted to be able to support the Head and team in any way possible to further improve education for all young people in Westmorland and Furness’.

Mr Hardwick
Management Committee - Community Member

Mr Hardwick is the Headteacher of Ulverston Victoria High School and has been for over five years, before this was Head of School. Mr Hardwick has 28 years experience as a leader in education.

Mr Waddington
Management Committee - Community Member

Mr Waddington has worked within secondary education for the past 25 years across two different school settings. He is currently Deputy head teacher with responsibility for behaviour and safety at Dowdales school. Mr Waddington has worked with the PRU/HHTS for many years and has previously been a member of the management committee. He is keen to support the centre with its work and strengthen links between local schools.

Mrs Chesworth
Staffing and Finance Committee - Staff Representative

Mrs Chesworth started at the PRU in 2016 as part of the school Business Support team, having had a number of years’ administrative experience. Mrs Chesworth has responsibility for management of pupil examinations.

Mrs Rose
Management Committee - Staff Representative

Mrs Rose started working in the PRU in 2021 after 17 years experience in mainstream education. She is responsible for the coordination of key stage 2 provision at Newbridge House.

Miss Thompson
Management Committee - Staff Representative

Miss Thompson has been teaching English in mainstream schools in the area since 1996. She joined the PRU in April 2020 as a specialist teacher, and is teaching English and Photography.