Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the PRU?

Referrals to the PRU are commissioned by schools or the Local Authority. Each referral is supported with appropriate, multi-disciplinary, evidence from agencies such as; family support workers, health, educational psychologists and CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service).

PRU referrals are discussed by a group of professionals, inclusion teams, who decide on the most appropriate course of action. The PRU may be recommended as part of an educational ‘package’.

A Service referral form should be completed by the school.

HHTS have specific referral needs and therefore a separate referral form. To access this service schools must complete the Service referral form and it is essential that the referral is accompanied with support from the individual’s medical practitioner.

Do PRU’s offer an academic timetable?

A common misconception of PRU’s is that the students have an ‘easy’ timetable.

Although legally PRU’s do not have to offer the full national curriculum we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which like our mainstream colleagues is offered up to GCSE level.

Is the Pupil Referral Service a punishment for poor behaviour?

Absolutely not! Students who are referred to the Pupil Referral Service have a range of, sometimes very complex, difficulties; The PRU is a different environment to school. Our qualified and highly experienced staff encourage and support students to manage their difficulties and achieve their best possible outcomes.

Is the Pupil Referral Service an alternative to school?

The PRU is not an alternative to school. We work collaboratively to our mainstream colleagues. The primary aim of the PRU is to facilitate a successful return to mainstream education.