We provide interesting, fun, exciting and engaging lessons to fulfil the creative side of young people. Lessons are structured to provide a GCSE qualification, working to AQA standards.

Photography allows young people to be individual with their ideas, thoughts and creativity.

Stimulating lessons teaching light graffiti/long exposure, MACRO photography and portraits, introduces pupils to some exciting and creative photographers and helps students to explore their own interests and produce their own work.

Photography gives students a voice not only to express how they feel about certain issues but the ability to also research other peoples ideas and values therefore not only adding to their knowledge but also upholding British values.

Photography lessons are used as a tool to help with low self-esteem and expression of feelings, giving students another avenue to express how they feel through the media of photography.
Our photography lessons are very achievable and can allow students to reach GCSE level within an academic year, thus empowering them to reach their full potential in their education in year 11 and 12.

Although the students work is displayed throughout the centre, at the end of the academic year all work is transferred to the gym so that the moderator can assess and mark. This also gives the opportunity for all staff and students to look at the amazing work the students have achieved.