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10 May 2017

Promoting Positive Attendance

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South Cumbria Pupil Referral Service believes in promoting positive attendance within our school to build a strong culture that ‘attendance matters’.  For our pupils to gain the greatest benefit from their time at the Pupil Referral Unit, it is fundamental that they attend their sessions as every day matters.

Good timekeeping and punctuality is equally important: this ensures that your child does not miss any lessons and causes less disruption to themselves and other pupils.  To encourage good timekeeping and a positive start to the day, pupils are provided with tea and toast in the mornings during registration.

Your child has an important part to play in achieving good attendance, something which is acknowledged by the Pupil Referral Service.  Pupils with excellent attendance are rewarded each term with a voucher for their local cinema to see a film of their choice; this has proved to be very popular with pupils of all ages.


What should you do if your child is absent?

Contact our attendance officer, Shelley Muldoon, on 01229 407386 or via our contact form on the first day of their absence.  Shelley will need to know:

  1. Reason for absence
  2. Expected return date to school

Pupils are expected to attend all allocated sessions unless they are medically unfit to do so or if there is an unavoidable authorised reason.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s absence, please raise these with Shelley or your child’s Key teacher: we will gladly offer you support and guidance wherever possible.