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1 Dec 2021

Speed Careers Networking Event (World of Work)

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Our Career Speed Networking Event held on 30th November,  involved a range of volunteers coming together to chat to individual young people about their jobs. The aim was to introduce young people to a wide range of jobs that are available to them, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to aim high.

We had 5 job sectors speaking to the pupils:

  • Andrew Taylor- Russel Armer Homes Kendal
  • Amy Lamph & Oliver (Apprentice Engineer)- BAE
  • Rhianna Smith, Project Co-ordinator, Centre for Leadership Performance
  • David Rider- Armed Forces
  • Michelle Tinker- Hair Stylist and Business Owner

The event was a great success and here we have some testimonials from some of the professionals:

‘It was great to visit the PRU and speak to the students. As many said while we were there the attitude of the students was no different (and in some cases much better) than some of the mainstream schools. The pupils demonstrated great communication skills in talking to us (whether interested in BAE or not) and as communication is one of our company behaviours it is not only a skill we as a business like to see but one that will be useful in many interview situations for them in the future.’

Amy Lamph, Corporate Responsibility Management Advisor – Education & Skills, BAE Systems Submarines, Barrow.

‘Thank you so much for having me along this morning. I honestly can’t tell you how impressed I was with the students, and the effort they put into speaking with us all.’

Rhianna Smith, Project Co-ordinator, Centre for Leadership Performance, Carlisle.

‘I am so impressed with how these young people have communicated with all these professionals today. They were well prepared with questions, genuinely interested in the responses and were able to hold conversation well. I have run my own construction company for a great many years and I have come across people that weren’t that prepared and confident in their interviews. They are an absolute credit to all the staff that work with them.’

Andrew Taylor, Russell Armer LTD, Kendal.

WOW just WOW! It was an absolute privilege to be involved with today’s event. Every student I spent time with today had the confidence and ability to ask and answer questions. They were really well prepared with their own questions and so polite and well mannered. This was a great event and I’d love to work with the PRU again.’

Michelle Tinker, The Bank Hair and Beauty Salon, Dalton