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19 Jul 2017

One Day Delight Pop Up Café – Key Stage 2

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On Thursday 6th July , the Key Stage 2 students and staff hosted a pop up café.  The event was planned around an enterprise project for the class in which the students were allocated £10 and had to make as much profit as possible to go towards their end of term treat.  The students made cakes themselves and produced them for sale at the café, together with various drinks on offer.   The students also acted as the waiters/waitresses for the customers serving and taking orders.  Guests included parents/guardians of school students, management committee members and school staff and students.



The amazing total raised that day was £87 and the proceeds enabled the KS2 students to choose a treat of their choice which was a pizza takeaway followed by a trip to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 3!