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18 Dec 2016

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2016 – UPDATED

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Once again, South Cumbria PRU have decided to take part in the Operation Christmas Child appeal ran by Samaritans Purse.

A small shoebox can have a big impact.  What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal.

Each year, shoeboxes are filled with varying gifts, toys to toiletries, sweets to stationery, and in receiving these, children’s lives are changed all over the world.

Bridgette Robinson, Senior Teaching Assistant here at the PRU organises the filling and distribution of boxes through Cumbria County Council who then pass to the Samaritans for distribution.  Staff and students at the PRU over recent weeks have been contributing to the filling of boxes, buying required items which children will enjoy, including our little star Domestic in Charge, Julie Evans, who has generously given a vast contribution to the cause.

This year a staggering 57 boxes have been filled with goodies and the boxes wrapped and packed by students here at the PRU.  During Mentoring lessons, students researched the cause; the journey of the boxes, where the boxes have been to in the past, and most importantly how they change other children’s lives.  Students felt that helping others made them feel good and we are very proud of their input and contribution.  Some students even wrote letters to go inside the boxes in the hope they get a reply one day from the child who later receives the box.

The North West Evening Mail also visited the school to run a story on our contribution and the impressive number of boxes we have managed to supply even though we are only a small school, so please keep an eye out for this also.

Well done everyone!

We have since received an email updating us on the outcome of Cumbria County Council’s input with the Shoebox Appeal (copy below), including a special recognition for the PRU’s Bridgette Robinson.

Thank you Bridgette, we are proud of you!!

Dear all

Just to let you all know the county council has sent off 108 shoeboxes this year to Operation Christmas Child.
Well done to everyone that took part this year and I hope you all enjoyed filling up your boxes.
Can I say a special well done and thank you to Bridgette Robinson from Newbridge House PRU in Barrow who managed to get 57 boxes filled.  A remarkable effort well done Bridgette!
I am not sure where our boxes are going this year but as soon as I find out I will let you know.

Many thanks and happy Christmas to you all

Jackie x