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South Cumbria Pupil Referral Unit
22 Feb 2024

Barrow AFC Visit


A group of our Year 9 and 10 students visited our local football ground Barrow AFC. A collaboration between PE and PSHE to explore the career opportunities in this field. Students had a guided tour around the ground looking at the following job sectors within the club: retail, coaching, sales, admin, ground keeping, managing, directors, hospitality, ticket officers, maintenance, cleaners, media, lifestyle coaching, journalists, stewards and the safeguarding team to name just some of the roles they explored.

The students had the tour and were able to ask questions, mimic roles and get a general feel of how the stadium runs. Today the staffing are getting the stadium ready for a big match against Bradford and the ground is fairly waterlogged following the poor weather we have experienced. They watched the ground workers trying to use sand to soak up the water, heaters to dry the pitch, cleaners around the seating, maintenance workers fixing the opponents showers (which weren’t half as fancy as the Barrow players changing facilities).

The visit was a roaring success and we look forward to working with the team again!