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South Cumbria Pupil Referral Unit
20 Apr 2021

The Big Ask

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South Cumbria Pupil Referral Service will be taking part in The Big Ask this year, which has been produced by Rachel de Souza the Children’s Commissioner for England.

The Big Ask is the largest ever survey of children and young people in England covering the ages of 4 – 17. They want children and young people to have a say on the things that matter to them; what life is like, what they want in the future, and anything they feel may be holding them back.  The survey will be live for a month, closing on Wednesday 19 May.  The government will use what you, the young people say, to tell the people who run the country or your local area what you think needs to change to make your life better.

For more information, the link to the website is here