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20 Mar 2019


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In November last year, Peter Fell, one of our long standing members of PE staff, began to suffer cramps in his legs which he likened to aching after a run. Pete continued to come into work, despite struggling to walk, until February 2019 when a fall on his way into work led to him being signed off sick. Since then his condition has significantly deteriorated, and following various tests was very sadly diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease. Pete now needs a wheelchair and has assistance in the home to help with daily routines.

As a team we are heartbroken but we are a practical bunch and recognise that lots of specialist equipment is soon to be crucial. Pete’s best mate, Paul Stanway, also an employee at the PRU, has organised a fundraiser #FellysFund. We have set up an unincorporated association and produced a constitution with the aims;

  • To provide essential equipment to support dignified living to Peter Fell the main beneficiary of #FellysFund.
  • To provide the family with some shared experiences.
  • To promote the work of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

For more information, to find out what is being organised, and how to donate to the just giving page, please visit: