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12 Jul 2018

Quicksand Awareness

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Furness Coastguard came to visit the Centre to teach the pupils about the dangers of Mud and Quicksand.

Getting stuck in mud and quicksand is a favourite plotline in films and books, but it can really happen, especially in wide, flat estuaries and bays such as Morecambe Bay.

The pupils were educated about how you should never try to cross a bay – the ground can look firm and safe, but can be incredibly treacherous.

Walking over (and through) mud is difficult and tiring and there can be hidden channels of fast-flowing water. You can get trapped in the mud, which is frightening but can also be potentially fatal if the tide comes in.

If you get stuck in mud or quicksand, you should do the following:

• try to spread your weight as evenly as possible across the surface

• avoid moving and stay as calm as you can

• discourage other people from attempting to rescue you, since without the proper equipment they could become stuck too

• if you have a mobile phone, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. If you don’t, shout for help.

The pupils were lucky enough to experience putting their hands in quick sand, sitting in the coast guards vehicle, pushing the sirens and taking part in a workshop.



Following the visit, pupils wrote thank you notes to Jason who provided the awareness course.




For more information about coastal safety, please follow the below link: