Home Learning

Please find below learning resources to access whilst you are at home.

Work packs will also be sent home and we will keep you updated during the current situation.

Thank you.



Students can access an online task sharing platform called ‘Seneca’. Each year group has their own code. If students follow the link below, then click on ‘classes and assignments’ it will take you to the correct page. You must then input your class code which is outlined below to access your classes work. New assignments will be added over the coming days and weeks.”

Seneca Learning Link

Year 7/8 – fbixvb0cnm

Year 8/9 – v2cq5f3sx2

Year 9 – 7m1xhx6a22

Year 10 – l3u26ok6fi

Year 11 – gjok1sr7x1



Below are a number of resources to use while the school is closed. Most are links to pdf documents so you need a device that is able to view these files. The files can be printed or read from the screen and answers written on paper. Other links take you to pages with videos that explain key topics. For years 7-9, some of the resources also need Flash player. If you need paper copies please get in touch.

Mr Smith will also be in touch with a login for the website Eedi where one or two short sets of questions will be set each week. Your answers for these questions will automatically be sent through to school so Mr Smith can check how you are getting on.

Year 11

1. Complete the revision booklets linked below. Choose the best level for you – the aim here is to revise the basics. There is one dated page per day. You don’t have to do it every day, but try to be up to date by the end of each week.

March (you will have started these if you’ve been in class recently) – Grade 1 /2 Grade 2 /3/4 Grade 4/5/6

April – Grade 1 /2 Grade 2 /3/4 Grade 4/5/6

2. Complete some past papers. Use this link to download a folder of papers. Make sure you choose the correct level (foundation in most cases, the files have an F in the name) and open the question papers (these have que in the name). The answers are also included (these have msc in the name).

Stuck on something from the revision booklets or past papers? Look up the topic here and find videos to explain how to do it and more practice questions.

Year 10

Click here and then scroll down to the probability section (videos 244-253).

  1. Watch videos 244, 245 and 250. Complete the text book exercise.
  2. Watch video 251 and complete the text book exercise.
  3. Watch video 253 and complete the text book exercise.
  4. Watch video 246 and complete the text book exercise.
  5. Watch video 249 and complete the text book exercise.
  6. Watch video 248 and complete the text book exercise.
  7. Watch video 249 and complete the text book exercise.

Extension: Watch videos 247 and 252 and complete the text book exercises.

Finally complete the exam style questions for each section.

Years 7/8/9

Follow the links below to units of work on area, perimeter and volume. You can read an explanation then try some questions yourself and find out if you got them right. If you need some extra explanation try watching the videos here. Numbers 40-49, 241-243, 355-356 and 310-312 are all useful for this work.

Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3

Activity 4 Activity 5 Activity 6

Activity 7 Activity 8 Activity 9

Activity 10 Activity 11 Activity 12

Activity 13 Activity 14 Activity 15

Activity 16 Activity 17



H&C Work L01 – Understanding the Environment

H&C Work L02 – Understanding Provisions

H&C Work L03 – Understanding Health & Safety

H&C Work L04 – Food and Ill Health

H&C Work – Key Stage 4


KS2 resources








KS3 resources





These are all short videos that students can watch to improve their knowledge and understanding in a food lesson


Key Stage 3 and 4 – Photography


Please find below interesting Art activities and tasks to try whilst at home:

Art – Interesting Activities

Art – Drawing Skills

Art – The Tree of Life

Please access the following links for exciting 3D art ideas!

3D Art Youtube links

Watch the video first then try the Art task:


Pictoral Map

Art Project

Fun Photo Project



The following are details of some on line resources that will help students keep up with their studies in Science during the pandemic.

All students in Key Stage 3 and 4 will find the following websites useful to help progress and consolidate their studies in Science:



Year 11 students who have been studying G.C.S.E. Science will find the following website useful for revision and extending their knowledge.


There are also useful videos that follow the science curriculum on Youtube.

I highly recommend that students use these websites to help them revise for their exams and to prepare them for their return to school.


Textiles – Workbook 1 – Techdoodles

Textiles – Workbook 2 – Fibres

Textiles – Workbook 3 – Weaving

Textiles – Workbook 4 – Buttons

Textiles – Workbook 5 – Advent

Textiles – Workbook 6 – Materials



Mentoring – Cyberbullying

Mentoring – English

Mentoring – Teachers & Computers



Cycle Maintenance – Aluminium & Titanium

Cycle Maintenance – History of Bicycles

Cycle Maintenance – Intro to Bikes

Cycle Maintenance – Pre-ride Checks



Home Learning – Stem Challenge 1 – Bridge Making

Home Learning – Stem Challenge 2 – Windpower

Home Learning – Stem Challenge 3 – Edible Structures

Activity book to support the lockdown experience: Lockdown Guide to Life

Resources ahead of the 75th anniversary of VE day on Friday 8th May: British Legion – Get involved

For younger children: How not to go to school

Please use this following link to access information and resources on all subjects from TES for schools:




We’re all now spending a lot more time at home than we might like, which is why staying as physically active as possible is more important than ever.

Join the Movement is a brand-new campaign, funded by The National Lottery, giving you the advice and tools you need to help you do this while the country deals with the coronavirus outbreak.

Official advice is to stay at home, and to only go outside for one form of exercise a day, to shop for basic necessities, if there’s a medical reason and travelling to and from essential work.

This inevitably means all our routines are changing.   Click Here to find lots of fun and creative ideas on how to get active at home, with exclusive offers and workouts from content providers such as Les Mills on Demand, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) and FiiT.

There’s also the latest advice around getting outside, with tools to help you make the most out of the fresh air during your daily walk, run or cycle.

If you’ve found a great way to keep active online, use the hashtag #StayInWorkOut on social media to share your experience with others. Remember to check government advice if you think you have any symptoms linked to coronavirus.

Creative Resources 2020 – Creative Resources

GOV.UK Online Resources – Online Learning Resources Gov.UK

Online Safety at Home Pack – Thinkuknow  Updated activities packs: Think you know activity packs


Other websites we have come across on social media which may be of help are:

Khan Academy





National Geographic Kids


Mystery Science

The Kids Should See This

Crest Awards


Prodigy Maths

British Council

Big History Project

Blue Peter Badges

*Please note – some of these sites may include a fee