Career aspirations through careers advice and guidance

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Newbridge House starts in Year 8 and continues through until Year 11.  It is our vision that all students on leaving the PRU at the end of Year 11 will have developed the skills, attitudes, qualities, behaviours and self-confidence to plan their future careers. Students will follow the career pathway that best suits their individual needs and aspirations and allows them to fulfil their true potential. All students are provided with independent and impartial guidance from a variety of sources. Their learning will be progressive and they will link their subjects to a variety of careers. Students will work with Teachers, Mentors, Behaviour Support Workers and Engagement Officers on enhancing their personal development and setting individual targets.

The CEIAG programme is aspirational and personalised for every student and delivered through Active Tutoring. Careers education is also disseminated through all subject areas and in PSHE lessons, we also have calendared events organised through PSHE to cover a wide range of subjects including CEIAG. Employers play a part in these events and from September 2018 we will have guest speakers from industries and there will be set times where these professionals will conduct one-to-one interviews with our students in Year 10.

Work Experience in Year 10 and 11 along with visits to colleges, universities and employers all take place throughout the year to raise the aspirations of all students. Inspirational guest speakers will come into school, these will include students that have attended the PRU in the past and worked hard to gain qualifications and jobs post 16. The pupils will have the opportunity to attend a Careers and Networking Fair with a range of providers that is held at the Forum 28 in Barrow and at the FE Colleges both in Barrow and Kendal for all students in Years 9-11.

Students across the whole school have a focus on Careers for one week each term during Active Tutoring. These workshops are based on the current Labour Market Information (LMI) and a range of career pathways are discussed. Students also have a Career Booklet each year to work on during Active Tutoring. The CEIAG programme is evaluated and by working with the student voice pupils will have the opportunity to develop the Careers programme and take a lead on this work.  

The Careers Leader is Michaela Kemp and can be contacted on 01229 407470.  

Careers Policy

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